Put your Buffs to Work Against COVID-19

I love Buffs, and I hate COVID-19. When the CDC came out with their recommendations on homemade face coverings, my Buffs sound like they’ll fit the bill perfectly. Also, after using them for the day, just toss it in your washing machine. If you’re like me and have a bunch of these lying around, please use them instead of buying N95 or other medical-grade masks for use when going out in public. Our front line medical professionals need all of them. And if you don’t have any of these awesome, multi-functional tubes of material, please make your own mask out of an old t-shirt, pants, or cloth of any kind. Plus, the patterns Buffs makes are FAR more fun to look at than surgical masks. Stay safe out there, be smart, and we’ll get through this!

**IMPORTANT! Make sure you read Buff USA’s disclaimer on their website: https://buffusa.com/buff-community-statement**

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