Welcome to Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing

I’m Nathan Cook, owner and head guide at Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing, and I’d love to share the exciting journey of how I turned my passion for the outdoors into a business.

Growing up in San Jose, I spent much of my summers exploring the central Sierra Nevada mountains between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, the Santa Cruz Mountains,  and the Diablo Range surrounding Santa Clara Valley. My countless fishing expeditions to these breathtaking and rugged regions helped cultivate my love of nature and my desire to share the joy of fly fishing with others.

When I wasn’t casting flies in picturesque rivers, I was managing the fishing department at Orvis Co. in San Jose. I found it very thrilling and rewarding to teach students the art of fly fishing on the same waters that gave me so many great memories growing up.

I honed my skills further Yosemite by joining Sierra Fly Fisher, in addition to guiding local surf fishing around Santa Cruz. My time with so many seasoned fly fishing guides from Alaska to Belize inspired me to walk the path of teaching that I’m on today. Eventually, my passion coaxed my wife and me out of the Bay Area and into the mountains of Colorado, where I established and currently manage Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing.

Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing combines my love of nature and the joy of teaching others how to respectfully engage with the surrounding wilderness. Fly fishing is more than a flick of the wrist that casts a line — it’s a spiritual adventure against the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies.

I hope you join me on my next expedition. See you on the water!

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